Tuesday 03rd of May 2016

The Litigation Factor PDF Print E-mail

Five years of litigation against FHA lenders under the False Claims Act has netted $5 billion in settlements for the federal government. But at what price? Some of the largest FHA lenders have curtailed or exited the business.


Mortgage Banking

April 2016

Negative Yields Drive Investors to U.S. Corporates PDF Print E-mail

Funds flee German and Japanese bonds in search of yield. The haven of choice: the U.S., where corporate yields provide some shelter.


Institutional Investor

March 10, 2016

Investors Eye Stock Exchange Advantage in Emerging Markets PDF Print E-mail

Investing in these economies’ stock exchanges is a way to capitalize on volatility while mitigating the effects of individual sector slumps.

Insitutional Investor

January 11, 2015

The Consolidation Wave PDF Print E-mail

The basic profile of the servicing industry is continuing to change as servicing costs continue to soar. The result has been industry consolidation, driven by the need for operational scale to absorb sharply higher compliance costs. Plus, there’s no sign of this letting up anytime soon.


Mortgage Banking

February 2016

Black Box Casino PDF Print E-mail

Top 10 Investment Banking Book.

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